London based trio Glasshopper, is an exciting young group born out of a love for melody and improvisation. Led by its saxophonist Jonathan Chung, the group brings together the creative minds of guitarist James Kitchman and drummer Corrie Dick.

Influenced by the free, jazz, rock and folk worlds, the band performs Jonathan’s emotionally sophisticated compositions with reverence and abandon, intricately weaving together moments of sonic bliss and euphoric rock-outs. With improvisation at the heart of each performance, Jonathan, Corrie and James are unified in creating original interpretations that inspire fresh stories to unravel within the listener’s imagination…

“An evocative writer whose tunes blend traditional jazz virtues with more modern developments including the subtle and effective use of electronics.”
- The Jazz Mann


“Wonderful music... Three musical voices with great gravity with guests together making music which is at once heavy as hell and soaring weightless.”

- Tom Sanky, Good evening jazz